Materials for in-class Wikipedia discussion of the introductions from various language editions of the Wikipedia article on Filibusters (adventurers), taken from the internet and edited in the Spring of 2017.

Sample Discussion Questions

These sample discussion questions range from general questions you might ask of any Wikipedia-centered discussion of materials to those dealing with reading comprehension and historical inquiry into the materials as primary sources. The goal is to engage the students’ ability to challenge their preconceived notions and exercise critical thinking.

  1. Are these articles written with a particular audience (nationality) in mind?
  2. Is Wikipedia divided by nation or ethnicity? What separates the kinds of information available on Wikipedia?
  3. Are these articles talking about the same kinds of activity?
  4. Are the differences in these articles explained by having different linguistic or geographic focuses for their audience?
  5. Why is the article nearly identical between some languages, while wholly different between others?
  6. Can you order these articles from strongest to weakest in their arguments?

Download Materials

Whole Packet (link, 5-page PDF)